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Summary of Learning

And… that’s a wrap! This class was a quick blitz of learning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I first read the syllabus and saw the debates, I didn’t know what to think, but now I get it! They are the best way to vet these highly contentious issues of technology in the classroom. MyContinue reading “Summary of Learning”

Online Learning: Detrimental or Groundbreaking?

“Online education is detrimental to the social and academic development of children.“ I thought that this was a fitting wrap up of a debate. It seemed to encapsulate many of the issues that were tackled throughout our class. By including both the social and the academic element, this debate statement cast a wide net inContinue reading “Online Learning: Detrimental or Groundbreaking?”

The Debate on Cell Phones

Cell phones should be banned in classrooms. This was another thought proving debate that wrestled with many different angles. Right off the bat, my inclination leans towards the agree side. I realize that this is highly indicative of my own work situation. I believe that the age of the students you’re teaching is a factorContinue reading “The Debate on Cell Phones”

Childhood? Never Heard of it.

Social media is ruining our childhood. I think that this debate could reach deeper levels than our class timeframe allowed for. With that being said, both sides brought up valid considerations. First and foremost, “childhood” is a general term and there are both negative and positive aspects of technology depending on the exact ages weContinue reading “Childhood? Never Heard of it.”