Summary of Learning

And… that’s a wrap! This class was a quick blitz of learning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I first read the syllabus and saw the debates, I didn’t know what to think, but now I get it! They are the best way to vet these highly contentious issues of technology in the classroom.

My summary of learning video was a bit of a learning curve. I decided to use Powtoons; however after I was already committed, I discovered that I had to upgrade if I wanted over three minutes or if I wanted to have voice over past the first slide. Instead of upgrading I thought I’d screencast and voice over as I pause the Powtoon video. It certainly didn’t work as smoothly as I was hoping, but I learned as I went!

Thank you so much to everyone in this class who contributed to my learning. Enjoy my video!

2 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. Great summary, Amaya. Even though you had to change it up because of Powtoon fees – I think it just showcases your ability to adapt to/with technology. And honestly, isn’t that one of the main messages we’ve learned with tech – “adapt or die”? This class certainly was a blur, but so thought-provoking. Thanks for all your great insights during class discussions. Best wishes on your future learning adventures!


  2. Great Summary of Learning, Amaya. Technology can always be so helpful until it is not. You did a great job of improvising and adapting the apps to work best for you. This class was a whirlwind but very enlightening, to say the least. Congrats on another semester done!!


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