Online Learning: Detrimental or Groundbreaking?

Online education is detrimental to the social and academic development of children.

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I thought that this was a fitting wrap up of a debate. It seemed to encapsulate many of the issues that were tackled throughout our class. By including both the social and the academic element, this debate statement cast a wide net in which we were able to one again discuss many of the recurring issues brought up in our weekly debates. I think that the agree team did an excellent job of reviewing some of the main points that were covered over the course of this class in regards to the negative effects of online education.

Here are the main points covered:

  • Some families fall behind due to the digital divide
  • Non school related pressure is put on students
  • Many parents aren’t able to help
  • Students’ location is hard to pinpoint
  • Possible adverse effects on physical health and brain development
  • unable to provide the same variety of learning
  • social learning concerns
  • many subject areas are unable to provide education true to their intention due to online nature ie. phys ed and science
  • the authenticity of courses is decreased when done online
  • online learning has long term effects on post secondary learning and in the workplace
  • authenticity around assessment can be lost
  • quality and variety of extra curricular cannot be met online losing the life skills learned through these activity
  • virtual learning is causing fatigue, stress and anxiety

On the other side of the debate, many points were presented that show the immense positives that online learning presented:

  • online learning can cater to specific students’ learning styles
  • the efficiency of time of online learning 
  • online learning does not waste resources
  • larger class sizes are less of an issue
  • learning has the ability to be more student centred 
  • convenience – students can learn where they are 
  • online learning reduces many costs to parents and schools

3 thoughts on “Online Learning: Detrimental or Groundbreaking?

  1. Hey amaya,
    Thanks for sharing the video in the end. I really liked that one. That’s a very informative one. It really is a need of the hour to have a technology to cater students’ need one on one. Also I feel online learning can work best when used collaboratively with traditional methods of learning, so students with varied needs can have access and benefit from it.


  2. Hello Amaya,
    Thank you for sharing a thoughtful post, I also believe that we may use online education to assist a balance our work, family, and school responsibilities. It provides students with knowledge and learning opportunities, making learning more smooth. But we all know that as the traditional and online modes of education increasingly collide, we owe it to our students to make their education relevant to their futures via creativity, passion, and careful planning


  3. I wish I could have heard this debate prior to pandemic or emergency teaching, as it is very different than online teaching in general. With support, online learning can be a beautiful thing for some kiddos and families, much like homeschooling. However, it isn’t a one size fits all kind of mentality, and it also cannot be compared to the online teaching that people were just thrown into without teaching or experience.


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