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Just Another Day in the Life…

Currently because I’m on maternity leave, my day doesn’t involve my classroom or students, so this blog post is much different than the post I would be writing in September! With that being said, here are the major ways that I use technology throughout the day to stay connected, educate myself, and aid my day to day tasks:

Google Home

I bought a Google Nest Mini when I was looking for something that would play white noise for my baby throughout the evening and during her naps without having to recharge/change batteries. Now, I have three Google Nest Minis throughout the house and I love how everything is connected! I can control multiple lights, my baby monitor, smart vacuum, thermostat and dishwasher all from my phone! This has been such an upgrade in my quality of life. The first thing I do each morning is say “Okay Google, Good Morning” and the Google Nest tells me the temperature and goes through the top new stories for the day. When wanting to know the answers to simple questions, I can ask Google and get the top responses within seconds. The convenience is top notch.

Jorte Calendar and Planbook.

Paper calendars are a thing of the past… am I right? I have had all my appointments and reminders on my phone for as long as I can remember now. When I am teaching I still use this same calendar app, but my main day planner for teaching is Planbook. Though you do have to pay for a yearly subscription, it is my favourite school planner with tons of awesome options.

Podcasts, LibriVox or Audible

When I am not working, I constantly need something in the background of whatever I’m doing to stimulate myself! My main go-to is usually listening to a podcast, but every couple months I listen to an audiobook. LibriVox is completely free and has most of the literature you’d be looking for if you are into the classics. Audible has a paid subscription, but has more contemporary releases.

Spotify and Bandcamp

As do many of you, I use Spotify to satisfy my music needs. I love the curated playlists for finding new music and when playing music for baby as I wouldn’t know where to begin with children’s music otherwise. In the last few years I haven’t been as active in creating or recording music, but I in the past I used Spotify and Bandcamp to promote the album that I released titled, When We Saw Stars (shameless plug).


I use these sites to connect with friends and family living in Regina or living away. Especially with having a baby, I find it even more important to connect with my family who live in various parts of Canada and aren’t able to visit often. I can’t imagine a world where this type of connection wouldn’t be possible… it makes the distance so much more bearable!

URCourses, Discord, Google Docs , WordPress

Of course while being in my master’s courses I have been utilizing the above sites to navigate the assignments, group work and connection with fellow classmates. This is my fourth class of my program. Already I have been introduced to a lot of new online tools. This is my first time using Discord, first time creating a blog and my first time attempting to use Twitter!

The list goes on, but these are the most important ways I use technology in my life. I truly don’t know what I would do if any of these devices/platforms weren’t available. They really enhance quality of life!

5 thoughts on “Just Another Day in the Life…

  1. Hi Amaya,

    I am impressed by the variety of technologies you are using in your life. Some of them I am not aware of. I am glad I learn new technologies from you. Thank you for sharing that! I feel depends on your learning style, technology can help you learn better! I am kind of a reading person that I learn something when I read them. I tried to use Audible to listen to books, but I feel as if I am not paying 100% attention to that. The contents just slip out of my mind. Afterward, I don’t remember what I am listening to. I would prefer to use kindle to reading something. It’s just me. I found your shared Google Home is very interested. We just have one light connected to Echo. Every night, I will call my name “Echo, turn on the light”, “Echo, turn off the light” lol. Interestingly, you can use your voice to control many things now.


  2. Great post, Amaya. Looking forward to another successful semester with you!

    It is amazing how similar our technology use is, and also fascinating to see how many different tools we use daily, without really paying attention. I suppose we take our technological advancements for granted. So many different ways we can benefit from technology!


  3. Just as you explained Amaya, this is also my first time using discord,creating blogs etc Taking this class, I get to learn about online tools am not aware of( some of which you mentioned). Today’s era is the era of technology in which our life has become completely dependent on, and this
    has not only improved the standard of living but has also given a new direction to development.
    Insightful post.


  4. Hi Amaya!

    Thank you for sharing your use of daily technology, I really enjoyed reading your blog post and am so happy to be in another grad class with you! 🙂

    This is my second grad class now, and the last time I was in university taking a course before January of 2022, was in April of 2010! My goodness how university has changed, more specifically with the use of technology. It took me a while to get accustom to using UR Courses, but I am feeling much more comfortable with it now for my second class.

    Twitter I have had for several years now for personal use, but Discord and WordPress for this class are all very new to me, so glad that I am learning alongside another newbie!


  5. Twitter is something that is fairly new to me. I signed up for Twitter as one of the requirements for a course last January, and it took me a while to get used to it. I use it to keep current with some of the things happening in the world, but I have to admit that I don’t spend a heck of a lot of time using social media. I probably could get better at it, or use it more, but right now I am pretty happy with being an social media outsider.


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